NethServer in Africa

I’m looking the map, and I’m seeing that Nethserver isn’t spread yet in Africa.

In the last three months I’d seen 1 Nethserver instance in Quenia, but it isn’t appear anymore.
Now with have few Netserver appearing in Algeria,Djibouti, Nigeria, Benin.

I’m asking why? And try to find an explaination:

  • In Africa, there’s lot of spoken english counties, so the language is not the problem.
  • Is the problem is technical? I can easely imagine there’s no optical fibre, perhaps no ADSL, Is the wide way to connect is by 3G or edge technology? ( I remember a topic n the ClearOS forum about thi subject, someone who have lot of difficulties to connect with cellphone technology ).

So is Nethserver must go in this direction?: I mean is Nethserver must expand type of connection…

Wow… you’re on a postingspree @jim :smiley:
I can comment a bit on your Africa question. 2 years ago I went to Senegal to install Zentyal 3.2 on a secondary school. The biggest problem in Senegal is that for secondary education there is nothing in the curriculum. This means there is no dedicated money available for ICT classes. I suspect that this is for more countries the issue.

On your remarks about connectivity to internet: The whole African continent is poorly connected. From the top of my head there are only 4 connections on the westcoast (connecting to US) and only 2 connection on the eastcoast (connecting to India) These lines are very limited (like 2Gb/s each). Further connections in Senegal are like 15 years back in history. 2 Years ago I was looking for a decent connection for the school. The fastest connection that could be delivered was a 10Mb/512Kb ADSL line and costed like 80 Euro’s per month. Of course with no guarantee of getting the max bandwith.
Not long ago (I thinnk about 1 year) the Senegalese government decreted that every school should be connected to the internet with at least a basic (1Mb) ADSL line. But there are still a lot of places where ADSL isn’t available.

What is implemented a lot in these situations is IIAB (Internet In A Box): An offline internet solution so students can find info from wikipedia and online books without actual internet access.

Btw, Senegal, and most of the west coast countries are French speaking countries, The countries on the east, like Kenia, are more English speaking. But isn’t NS available in French language? Over here in Belgium, a French and a Dutch translation is a must to be able to get a foot at the ground. (jobs for the translation teams!)

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