NethServer Hotsync [Needs Testing]


(Alessio Fattorini) #61

(Wayne Bilger) #62

This works much better now! I have tested it a few more times now, just to make sure I was getting consistent results.

I was just asking for testing purposes of the new hotsync update, if we should continue from the slave that had already had the old hotsync running, or start with a fresh install. I just continued.[quote=“lucag, post:60, topic:8391”]

Ok, now I can confirm that Webtop data all is there, all seems good.
Roundcube seems all good too!

Still have the following issue in NextCloud.

But, it is a little different it seems (I believe they showed as not installed with previous hotsync, but I am not 100% sure).
The Nextcloud Apps seem to be installed, but do not show up in ‘Enabled apps’.
If I find the app in the apps list, it shows as enabled, but an update is available. If I install the update, the app now shows up, and all data is there.

Also, hotsync-cockpit is still not installed, but if I install it, it now shows up in cockpit. (Before it would not install as it said it was already installed, but did not show up in cockpit).

Getting pretty close!!

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #63

Excellent work guys! :clap:

(Alessandro Polidori) #64

I confirm: I have the same behavior.
I’ve searched some solution using occ tool, but it seems not suitable.
occ app:list does not show neither apps to be updated and in addition it does have some upgrade/update command to use with app.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #65

As Alessandro already said, Nextcloud apps are not part of the data backup, thus apps are not synchronized by hotsync.

We have 2 paths:

  • include a special code inside hotsync to handle also Nextcloud apps
  • leave the behavior similar, as much as possible, to current backup&restore procedure and document that the user should reinstall missing apps (just how he/she should do in case of a normal disaster recovery)

What do you think? /cc @wbilger

Since I’m a lazy programmer, I vote for the second choice :smiley:

(Dr Thomas Quinton) #66

As a dumb user- I´d prefer a Sync independent of installed apps, which covers everything on the primary server without thinking, what apps are installed or not.- Please :wink:

(Wayne Bilger) #67

I agree, a complete solution for backup/restore, with nothing left out – If Possible.
While I think I would have no problem understanding that apps need to be re-installed, the issue lies in passing on the responsibility to others, the easier, more complete the solution, the better. I don’t trust that there is an easy way to manually see what apps are installed (beyond default), so therefore need to be reinstalled.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #68

I see there are users even more lazier than programmers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, let’s go into integrating Nextcloud applications into NextCloud. :wink: /cc @Stll0 @alep

(Alessandro Polidori) #69

Added nextcloud apps to hotsync.
@wbilger my test is ok and yours ?

NethServer Hotsync slave restore
(Giacomo Sanchietti) #70

The package has been released and marked as beta:

Great work!

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