NethServer HotSync 2.1.1 released!

Hi all,
I’m glad to announce you that NethServer HotSync 2.1.1 package has been released!

For a correct restore remember to update HotSync package on master and on slave host.

Here are release notes:

Version 2.1.1

  • HotSync: missing db and files cause errors - Bug NethServer/dev#6010

Version 2.1.0

  • Cockpit: add HotSync interface - NethServer/dev#5996
  • HotSync: freepbx is not restored properly - Bug NethServer/dev#6008
  • HotSync: permissions are not set properly on slave host - Bug NethServer/dev#6009
  • HotSync: nsdc and status are not synced - Bug NethServer/dev#6011
  • HotSync: avoid logs sync - NethServer/dev#6012
  • HotSync: backup-data shouldn’t be executed on slave host - NethServer/dev#6013
  • HotSync: improve promote action - NethServer/dev#6015

Principal bug solved:

  • Freepbx restore is now working fine
  • DC container starts on boot
  • Permissions are set properly on slave host

New features:

  • Cockpit interface
  • Improved promote action


  • For a correct restore, it’s suggested to configure HotSync on two identical servers or two servers with same network cards number, name and position. If you restore master on a not identical slave server you can encounter some problems and you’ll have to fix it consulting troubleshooting section on docs.

  • If no internet connection is detected (e.g. you are restoring a firewall on a machine that was passing through crashed master for internet connection), the scripts will purpose you some options:

    1. Restore master network configuration (IMPORTANT: use this option only if two servers are identical - NIC number, names and positions must be identical)
    2. Fix network configuration from Cockpit GUI (if you are restoring on different hardware)
    3. Continue without internet: assign correct roles before proceed with this option. Some events could fails (not recommended)

    else restore will start automatically. If you are restore on different hardware you could encounter DC errors.

  • Bear in mind that before execute hotsync-promote, you should execute hotsync-slave command at least one time on slave host (after executed hotsync command on master host).

  • Next step will be to check all packages supported and add develop unsupported packages.

Docs with new informations and instructions will be released by @giacomo next week.

The update will be available in next hours. You can install it from Software Center or from CLI with yum install -y nethserver-hotsync --enablerepo=nethforge

Happy hacking!

/cc: @flatspin @Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa @iglqut @robb @stephdl @mrmarkuz @danb35


Whoooooooaaaa excellent thanks o will test

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I will wait for your feedback :wink:

[quote=“federico.ballarini, post:1, topic:14363”]
yum install -y nethserver-hotsync --enablerepo=nethforge
[/quote] identical hardware or the same config exemple 2 nics 4Go ram dual core in other pc and

or 2 nics and the same disk size obviously , but the same processor and ramsize??

the same name got it, position ??? genre the same SSSD container IP, my nethserver is the gateway to my network so promote the second … doing hotsync etc…and i need to put at first time the 1srt lan nic connected only on second ns, to avoid problems on restaure, and next put the cable soon as the 1st dc is depromoted and off…more or less like that…

If you don’t want to remap network after restore, I suggest identical NICs conifguration.
Other things can be different, check only available disk space.

If you restore on different network cards probably DC start will fails. But the script will guide you to adjust network and lunch command to start DC.

ah ok because my first nic on server PDC is internal onboard the second i can buy the same model …so if i put on the other server wil… i see …
trying though…thanks federico

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My highest respect for this work, Federico!!! :+1:
I love the way how you tackle problems.
Does not work, does not exist for you. :smile:


I’ve just released also version 2.1.2 that contains some bug fix.

  • HotSync: suricata permissions are not set properly - Bug NethServer/dev#6024
  • HotSync: nextcloud is not restored properly - Bug NethServer/dev#6025
  • HotSync: avoid cron execution - Bug NethServer/dev#6026

Hi Federico,

I installed your package. Worked fine. Did no test about restore etc.
One thing I want to remark: In the GUI there are the password in clear text visible.
Wouldn’t it be better for security reason to hide them and only make them visible on demand (“eye-button”)?

BR Ralf


Yes, we can modify it in the next release.

Here the new HotSync doc:

Happy hacking!