Nethserver Gateway and VPN server


NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: VPN
I use Nethserver as a network gateway where I have two enp3s0 networks - as red ppoe and enp4s0 as a green lan gateway, so when configuring the VPN in bridge mode it is informed that there is no bridge interface so I ask: should I create a logical interface bridge with the enp3s0 or enp4s0 network?

I strongly suggest to don’t create a Bridge VPN, but a Routed VPN.

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Thanks for the answer.

On another server that is not the gateway everyone uses vpn as a point and works very well, there are a total of 20 users, what is the disadvantage of using in bridge mode?

You cannot use Firewall rules to regulate access for VPN or for single user.
Also, if the “standard” lan of the remote user is the same of the GREEN interface, you can’t be able to do a Destination NAT for the GREEN subnet.

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Thank you very much I followed your guidance and created a routed VPN that is working very well.