NethServer for several users

Can I deploy this on Medium Business?
We have a total of 300 users. We bought SuperMicro Server with Intel Xeon and 16 Gig of RAM. I would like to ask if Nethserver can accommodative it. Thanks

Ehi Eliezer, welcome aboard again!
it depends on which services you would activate, firewall, proxy or mailserver? It’s not matter of resources I think.
Even if NethServer is designed for sme it can support many users as well.
Hopefully @dz00te can contribute to the discussion showing some examples of big numbers :smile:

Firewall, DHCP, Mulit-WAN(Fail-Over), and Proxy Server. These are the services that I configured in Nethserver. I am impressed with the Fail-Over feature of Nethserver. It actually works, compared to PFSense, OPNsense. This is one of the important feature that we needed because the company must have zero downtime :slight_smile:

some stats from lightsquid… voilà


This is a huge number of users. Thank you for this information

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Wow! That’s a great pic! I’m amazed

Doesn’t PFSense support fail over? Do you know it pretty well?

It support fail over but based on their community proxy will not work on mulit-wan. it is a known bug. but when I tried Nethserver it works

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We can consider that Nethserver is also can be an enterprise firewall. With the large number of users. I am working in the BPO here in the Philippines and I will not think twice to deploy Nethserver to our company. This server meet all our needs


Please keep us updates, I’m keen to know how this project goes on

old thread, updated screenshot with ns76, transparent http(s) proxy+content filter on wccp (and still some work/config to do)

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Sounds great!!! :heart_eyes: