Nethserver for n.20 mail users

Hello everyone,
I want to use the mail system to Nethserver.
I would like to know two things:

  1. I’m worried about spam, there is an anti-spam system? It is based on spamassassin and RBL?
  2. can I have multiple companies with different domains on the same mail server?
  3. owncloud works with the same mail passwords when installed?
  4. IMAP is stable and functional?

Thank you

Hi @gperna,

Wellcome in our Community.

As for Mail server all features works fine:

We provide both levels of protection RBL and Spamassassin.

Yes sure You can have as many domains as you wish, only do not forget about the DNS “MX” records for each domain.

Owncloud has LDAP authorization, so all users are under one control mechanism.

IMAP just works. Without any issues.


hello Nas, thakns for you replay.
please help me to active RBL
where I activated the functionality of RBL?


RBLs are enabled by default to tag spam.
In case of an high volume mail server where you want to decrease load on the spam checker you could enable RBLs at connect level. See the manual for details:

thanks Filippo
for the reply.
I activated RBL at the connection level.
Now how to verify the RBL log?
thank you

i wont configure the filter GRAYLISTED.
is ti possible?


We have no Greylisting enabled by default.

thanks for you replay.
is it possible enable graylist on postfix nethserver 6.7?

@davidep and @filippo_carletti will likely have some insights here

Greylist feature was an experiment. It has been removed during alpha stage long time ago:

Do you remember why?

I think because there are more effective methods to fight against spammers. Greylisting has the bad implication of delaying message delivery.

Postscreen is much better!

Do you remember why? :grin:

what Postscreen?


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