Nethserver for email

I have a client running NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final) on a VM. It is solely running as a mail server with Sogo. I know its not advised, but they are connected to it using Outlook (and their mobile phones).

They are a small organisation with 4 paid staff, but they also have about 13 unpaid volunteer board members who also need an email address.

I am replacing their server (due to it being end of life) and I am undecided on whether to:

  • Move them to Office365 (they have agreed to pay for this)
  • Just move the VM across and hope for the best.

If not for the board members, I would no doubt move them to Office365, as it wouldn’t cost that much, but the extra 13 email addresses adds up to a fair bit of money.

Nethserver seems to be working OK - its not perfect with outlook, but they aren’t heavy email users, and aren’t having any issues with it. Occasionally (and I dont think its happened for a year or so) the email breaks and I have to fiddle to get it working. My concern is that I dont really understand it too well, and may not be able to get it fixed next time.

They use Outlook, and are not interested in using Webmail. I want mail/contact/calendar/task sync.

I am a bit behind on Nethserver, but is there any supported way of doing this?

Do you suggest I go to Office365. Keep going as is?


Personally, I run my own company email off of the current SOGo/Nethserver virtualized as a VM and backed up daily to a ZFS share via. If it were me I would transition them over to O365 because they are 1) willing to pay for it & 2) you probably will save them more money over the long term from labor costs.

Thats Royce, that was my initial thinking, the only reason i second guessed is because I really havent had to touch it in ages.

I should also note that it would be VERY easy to continue supporting the SOGo/Nethserver on your new server and there is professional support you can also purchase from Nethserver. I’d get them upgraded to 7.8 if you did.

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This is right, but I think sogo is not part of it, but Webtop is. @alefattorini Am I right?

So you have to provide a mail server for the 13 extra addresses, if you do so, you can safe the money and also put the four other addresses to this server. Syncing is possible with active sync or imap and caldavsynchronizer.

My opinion is, you should move to webtop and get a support plan from nethesis.
Also this community is the most helpful I know.
If you have any questions about changing to webtop me and much others will help you.

Hi Michael, when you say Active sync, does that mean it works with outlook? full mail/calendar/contacts/tasks sync with no plugins?

Not at all.
ActiveSync related to nethserver is about a “exchange emulation” for mobile devices (iOS, android) about syncing calendar and address book associated with an IMAP+ SMTP layer for email.
IMVHO first choice has to be “political” rather then technical. If they want the full Outlook support with bells and whistles, nothing is better than 365.
Otherwise, go for webtop on an updated VM.

thanks, i think O365 will be the go then,.thanks to everyone at Nethserver, I have had it running 2 email servers (1 decommisioned a year or 2 ago) for several years with minimal issues, especially once version 7 came out, it is quite impressive.

Remember them then when there’s an issue, Microsoft never send warnings before.


Sorry, my fault. I didn’t know this.

So he could use IMAP and caldavsynchronizer.
I use Outlook with sogo since 4 years without problems. But webtop also works this way, a customer from me uses it.

Errors might happen to anyone :slight_smile:

You are right. Professional support for nethforge modules and 3rd-party modules are not provided with the subscription.

Can you buy support for it independently?

I don’t know.

I am no Nethesis employee but I my gut feeling says that if you have a subscription, they will go the extra mile to solve any of your problems on paid-per-problem basis.

Perhaps you have more information for us.

Usually, we do not sell the support as single service.
But you can buy a Crostino subscription ( and have a support ticket adding 100 €.

Does it sound good for you?

100% sounds good to me and exactly how I am currently deploying NS to customers who use their own equipment. Thank you for the clarification.