Nethserver Firewall

I may have misunderstood the documentation,

If you install the firewall application to a server with 5 NIC ports, can you still run other applications (mail server, Samba etc) on the same box.

Hi Paul,

You didn’t misunderstand the docs.
NS is an AiO distro.
NS can act as AiO server but also, can act as UTM only, Email server only, PDC only, …

If you have only one hardware (machine) the AiO is the best choice.

You may use one eth for internet access (RED), one eth for DMZ (ORANGE), one eth for wireless clients (BLUE) and one eth for LAN (GREEN).

The interzones traffic is given (allowed or denied) by firewall rules.

It depends of what you want to do and how do you want to use it.


You may find some scenarios here:

At the moment I only have one server, a HP N40L micro server set up.

I do have a new HP Gen 8 server but want to upgrade the CPU, max out the RAM and stick some big drives in it then run it a a host server for VM servers, but until then my neth server with be AiO.

@Loboexe first of all plese describe use case , what do you want to achieve ? You could even draw your desired topology.

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