Nethserver Firewall Issues

NethServer Version: nethserver 7
Module: firewall

Hello everyone,

I’m having some issues with the firewall. Maybe it’s not supposed to work in the way that I think it is. But for example if I create a rule drop any > MyDesktop and/or drop MyDesktop > Any nothing happens. In my mind this should shut down connectivity to my desktop. Any ideas?


Can you make a screenshot of the settings please.
Please mark to log if it’s blocked and have a look at the log.

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Which zone your Desktop is in? And which zone you wish to restrict the desktop from?

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Well, i don´t know if you can drop packets between stations in your green network.

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Nothing to or from my desk. Even though I’m sitting here doing things. My desktop is in green, I’m trying to restrict red.

Also while we’re here I have the accepts set to any > firewall then the service because it’s a port forward and wouldn’t work without it like that. I couldn’t do any > specificHost.

Edit: Actually I take that back. The port forwards only work with Any > Any then service

I’m not trying to restrict from Green to Green but Green to Red. I don’t
know if that’s possible either, but I feel it should be. All traffic
passes through Nethserver to get to the internet so a firewall rule
should block it.

Here is my current configure and it appears as though firewall objects aren’t working.

This issue is resolved. In case anyone would like to know it was a weird problem. My LAN interface had an IP but didn’t have static or dhcp checked. I thought this was strange and don’t remember how I set it up. So I checked static and set the info. Immediately all the port forwards and rules started working correctly.


Yup, static ip is a must :slight_smile:

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That’s nice to hear, please mark it as solved also.

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