Nethserver Firewall and server resources

This maybe in the wrong area, sorry if it is and if anybody can put me right please do.

This is a general question, now I have managed to get Nethserver up and running as a native OS can anybody comment on the Firewall, do people use it and if they do, does it suck server resources to a maximum or slow down network traffic unless it has most CPU time to its self.

My Nethserver is running on a HP N40L microserver with 16GB of RAM. I was going to buy a box to run something like pfSense on but if I can run fewer boxes I can save electricity


I running Nether on a Microserver Gen8 with 4Gb ram… It’s with the Celeron G1610T CPU.

The Firewall don’t seem to take lot of ressources.
How many client will use the firewall?

The firewall will impact on network traffic only if you use Snort with many many rules.
Also ntopng can slowdown network traffic a little, but usually you won’t notice it (not with a server like yours) :smile:

This is for use at home but, on my LAN on a typical night there are 2 sky boxes, 2 or 3 laptops, 1 gaming PC, 1 Mac, 4 smart phones, several IoT devices, some Raspberry Pi’s (one as a media server) an android tablet and now a Nethserver and in the near future a second micro server that will probably be an VM host to a few more things.

So about 20 connected clients but a lot of them are not making huge demands for internet traffic.

I want to basically turn my Sky router as near to being a bridge as possible. Unfortunately you cannot select it as a true bridge, but if I make it as open as I can - traffic wise - I can use the Neth FW instead.

My Wifi traffic goes through a second TP-LinK router that only does the WiFi, no WAN connected. This way it to will pass via the FW

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If this is your setup, don’t worry at all: the firewall without Snort will not slow down your connection.

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