NethServer Domain Controller Integration With Azure AD


Hope you guys are doing well, I have a question, we are thinking about using office 365 Business as a collaboration tool. I would like to know is there any way that we can synchronize NethServer users and groups with the Azure AD?

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I’ve found, that it’s not possible directly, but as workaround you can setup a LDAP Server and sync both with LDAP.

As @m.traeumner stated before, LDAP is the way, but… i suggest you not use NethServer + LDAP as a Fileserver…

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Thank you for your response, if we will use both systems, nethserver as a domain controller internally and Microsoft & Azure AD on the cloud for the users and email? is it a good approach to manage two different servers simultaneously instead of integrating both systems?

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@adnanbutt0550 my opinion is that NethServer lacks of being “that” rich-feature SMB fileserver.
It works, and it works well, but most of the options and permission granularity are available only with NSDC/AD controller installed. This option currently is incompatible with external LDAP authentication capabilities.
Syncing userbase among Azure and Nethserver, IMVHO is not a good idea, but for someone is a viable option. I don’t know if there’s any kind of tool available for that.

These are personal opinions related to the info gave to me, finding a fitting solution is made of better knowledge of SAMBA and your current environment that currently i don’t have.