NethServer Domain Controller and Active Directory to Centrally Manage and Store BitLocker and TPM Recovery Information?

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: NethServer Domain Controller

Is it possible to take advantage of NethServer Domain Controller and Active Directory and use it to centrally manage and store BitLocker and TPM Recovery Information in Active Directory?

Looking at some of the common how to guides out on the net for scenarios where you’re running on a native Windows Server platform for your Domain Controller and Active Directory Environment, I did pull out the following requirements/prerequisites according to those guides and documentation so far which directly relate to what appears to be Windows Server OS features only. Is this idea of using NethServer in a similar or same way a pipe dream or is it possible to achieve similar results somehow?


  • A server running the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) role on any supported server operating system.

  • Added Roles and features to be added/configured on your Windows Server Domain Controller.

  • In order to take advantage of BitLocker to render data inaccessible when BitLocker-protected computers are lost, decommissioned or recycled, there are two additional tools in the Remote Server Administration Tools, which you can use to manage BitLocker (1) BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer (2)BitLocker Drive Encryption Tools

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Looks like it’s all about writing a schema to AD, I found an older thread: