Nethserver Docker portainer 1.2.4 upgrade to 2.0

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Docker => Portianer

Hi. I just installed docker and portainer using the “software Applications Module” I noticed that portainer shows that its not updated. its on version 1.24. How do I upgrade to 2.0? Thanks so much! I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else.

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Hi and welcome to Neth Community,

it should be enough to remove the portainer data and reconfigure nethserver-docker to download the new portainer version, see Portainer config issues and the documentation.

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yep just saw it, we need feedback before to do it for everybody

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Hum there are breaking changes, maybe we are not concerned but this release push new feature, and probably some commercial offers are coming.

In a virtual machine

install nethserver-portainer
delete the portainer container

modify in /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-docker-create-portainer


it should update to v2