Nethserver dns server intranet and internet

NethServer Version: 7.9

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on nethserver forum. i was told about this very useful distro, although i´m struggling with the following:

i have a dell r610 server, 4 gigabit ethernet interfaces.
interface 1 for LAN USERS (GREEN)

In my organization, there is an area that provides both internet and intranet services.

So, in order to acces internet, we conect to a especial switch tat provides this service by setting up my pc with specific dns.

if i want to acces to intranet, we conect to a switch that provides such service by setting up a diferent pc with specific dns.

what i want to achieve is conecting my dell r610 interface 2 to the switch that provides internet and interface 3 to the switch that provides intranet, so my LAN users can acces both internet an intranet from a very unique host.

i have read about setting up dns server on centos 7, but i want to know if this procedure would work for me.

thanks in advance.

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And welcome to the NethServer community!

NethServer uses DNSMask as built in DNS Server / Forwarder. Just assign the provider allocated DNS to NethServer, and NethServer will provide your internal clients with IPs and DNS…

The “Intranet” Switch can be either a Green or Blue Interface.

My 2 cents

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What I do in such cases:

  • add an entry for the (sub)domain in registrar DNS
  • add an entry for the (sub)domain in NethServer DNS for local clients.

You have to make sure your local DNS is primary DNS for your LAN clients.

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I could (prolly) be wrong, but you can have this by adding a route?!

I dont think thats even necessary if you have two green networks and want to make them see each other.

Never had this scenario before… two green interfaces see each other by default? I know for a fact that a blue cant see a green by default. I did setup some vlans with blue and greens by @Andy_Wismer help and they def dont see each other (as expected).