NethServer Development will be shutdown

I’m very sad to announce that main NethServer developers can’t work on NethServer for the next few months, this is what I know so far.
Due to first class previous commitments, we have to stop all effort on NethServer 7.
Thanks guys for your support, I hope to come back with good news soon. :confounded:

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Oh no… I hope this is only April’s Fools Day. I am getting to love Nethserver :frowning:

I hope you’re right!

Alessio, please don’t play with our hearts! :wink:
I love NS! In all (NS, NS Team, The Community)!

April’s Fool…
Not subtil enought for a good one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any way, nice try! Friday, April 1 …

Definitively I will change my job on this!


In the meantime this will be my new job


And @davidep will do:

And @filippo_carletti will go here for 50 next years


Rhõõõ… Winter time already over…It’s Spring