Nethserver-ddclient with multiple red


From what I have seen, the nethserver-ddclient module works on the first available red.
Is it possible to force it to be associated with another red, thus have different ddns domains associated with the various reds, and possibly have it follow the operation of the reds backup module, in case one of the lines goes down, the ddns associated with that red is updated on the ip of another red?

Thank you!

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Looks like ddclient can handle multi WAN. To get it working on Nethserver, I think you will need a custom template. I am curious if you can get it working.

Thank you, as soon as my provider restores the main line ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) I’ll work on it a bit

Tailgating for updates…

I took a look at that link but from what I understand, it’s for having multiple ddns on the same ip.
I searched a bit but couldn’t find any parameters for ddclient to indicate which interface to use.
There’s a command that says yes which interface to use, but it’s only for deriving the IP address to send to the ddns service.

Hi @saitobenkei

On OPNsense (Using ddclient):

You can even use different methods for each Interface / Connection…

It should also work in NethServer, but there without GUI…

My 2 cents

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Okay, here is something to start with:

It would then suffice to dynamically modify the configuration file by replacing the interfaces with the active ones and re-executing the ddclient each time the lsm comes into action.

If the reds are more than 2 it gets a little bit more complicated because you would have to predict an assignment priority for each entry…

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