NethServer Conference Agenda

9.00 Welcoming Coffee

9.30 Introduction and presentations
10.00 State of the NethServer Community @alefattorini
10.30 Nethserver implementation in a health company - from Zentyal to Nethserver @iglqut

11.00 Cofee Break

11.30 NethServer Project: Past, Present and Future @filippo_carletti
12.00 NethServer in an Educational environment - @robb
12.30 Integrating NS in a scholastic FOSS environment @syntaxerrormmm @fuso

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Moving to the next NethServer UI - @davidep
15.30 Print management for NethServer with SavaPage - @robb
16.00 FreePBX and Asterisk on NethServer - @Stll0
16.30 SambaStatus a “Do it yourself” module for NethServer - @gecco
16.50 NethServer Governance [Roundatable] - Moderator @robb
17.30 How to scale our community and involve new people? [Roundatable] - Moderator @alefattorini
18.00 Goodbyes and Networking

20.00 Community Dinner :pizza:

Do you wanna join us? You still have just a few days :rotating_light:


Looks great! Amazing topics!

What about diner that evening? Any other social events planned?

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Not really but we can think about a dinner somewhere.
The day 29 we will have already a BIG social dinner in Riccione, trust me :slight_smile:


I’m planning with Giacomo a dinner on Saturday near Villa Matarazzo. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


COOL!.. looking forward to an extended social event! (Am I glad we fly back on Monday, so we have whole Sunday to digest the 2 NethServer event days… :smiley: )

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Just added @filippo_carletti talks and welcoming coffee + dinner

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