NethServer compared with SBS and other distributions

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So you’re really on top of that, could you add more details about your tests?
Which distributions have you have tested out and compared with NethServer?

Hi Alesio,
I have tested Zentyal, ClearOS, SME Server, Univention UCS.

With Zentyal 4 the features for firewalling, like IPS, L7Filtering are very reduced.
I am using my SBS as firewall so I am very interested in this features.

ClearOS 7 has a Marketplace for extensions but not all are opensource/free. The GUI is imho not very good designed. At testing in a lab I got a lot of errors installing addons.

Univention UCS has a very nice and simple gui but you need a separate Domain Controller if you use the free edition. Paketfilter Management is only via command line possible.

SME Server has very interesting features but an very old gui.

So I came to nethserver which could satisfy all my requirements.
The possibility to use custom templates is a very great feature, which I have not seen by other distributions. So I can personalize my settings as needed and didn’t have to reconfigure all these settings if I do a update. The GUI is very nice and the community helped me very fast!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Thanks for your insights, very helpful maybe @vhinzsanchez can add them to his comparison
Take a look at this topic to help the project out, if you like.