NethServer Community with me at the CMX Summit

Hi folks,
I gonna fly to San Francisco on Wednesday to participate at CMX Summit one of the biggest event about community management. ( @robb knows it very well)

My goals are improving my knowledge of community management and finding new strategies to make our NethServer Community more active and healthy.

I will bring all of you with me (Netherver shirt is already in my luggage)
Wish me luck



And a spellchecker…
Have a lot of fun… and less jet-lag.

Hi @alefattorini, have a great time at CMX Summit and say hi to David from me… :wave: (I think Carry left CMX but if she is around say hi to her too.
Still have good memories about the CMX course we both did back in 2016.
Make sure to take notes… :wink: (and a lot of pictures)


Have a lot of fun and of course we wish you luck.
I’m curious to see photos of the event.

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Sure, I’ll keep you in touch :slight_smile: