NethServer community portal (this page) 'issue'

Since recently I get this page when I open a browser with a hundred open tabs. It is mendable by refresh, but it didnt use to have this issue:

…any chance of this being suppressed in a reload-previous-tabs scenario ?

I have seen it several times too and in my occasions it occurred because of a timeout. As you also noticed, it is resolved by a reload of the page. Of course this only helps if the internet/network connection is available.

I’m aware whats causing it, but is annoying to have to refresh a page when you are opening a browser with tabs saved. You expect the reload to happen on pageload, which it did until recently.

Just disabled a plugin, can you check if it happens again?

It did:

Opened the browser, clicked my notification, started to type, waited for saved draft, closed the browser and reopened it, and voila. This is Firefox by the way, probably relevant.

Seen it several times last week. But a refresh made it go away though.