NethServer Community at Fosdem 2020

Yes I think so, but for me only at Saturday.


MEININGER Hotels Bruxelles City Center


I chose to book a room much closer to ULB so I will meet you all at Fosdem on saturday feb 1st. Looking forward to that already!


great! see you there! :raised_hands::vulcan_salute:


Date is blocked for FOSDEM in my calendar now.


Bumping this topic. Only 2 weeks until Fosdem. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Two days to go! I can’t wait to meet you there :star_struck:

Meanwhile don’t forget to join the NethServer@FOSDEM2020 Telegram group for quick updates and to keep in touch.

I’ve bookmarked some Fosdem and CentOS Dojo talks from our community members @Amygos and @edoardo_spadoni

Am I missing someone else?


Don’t forget to register your car for Brussels at the following link:


From the registration page for vehicles:

Vehicles registered in Belgium and the Netherlands do not have to register.


I cannot wait mates

Concerning our meeting in one of the BoF rooms (as we did last year), I’d like to talk with you about the Subscriptions program. I think I’ve read that @robb and @stephdl would like to speak.
Anyone else interested in giving a short talk? @davidep @giacomo

I’d like to have an agenda before Saturday.

My proposal:

NethServer Subscriptions review:
after almost two years, I’d like to share facts and figures about the Subscription program, to find weak spots and areas for improvements.


count on me…I just need to find the topic :expressionless:

Who want to come on stage

As last year, I will be available for an AMA :slight_smile:

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That is going to be tabloid-level questions… LMAO

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Room H.3244 booked at 16:00 today 01-02-2020

See you there!


Saturday, we held the fifth NethServer community meeting at FOSDEM.
We discussed:

  1. Subscription program: present and future
  2. @stephdl evangelization in France
  3. @robb work on solving privacy issues with NethServer

I’d ask Stephane and Robb to share here a quick summary of their talks.

I’ll try to summarize what we said about the Subscription program (thank you to all who took part in the discussion).

The program has been running for almost two years (started in April 2018).
Of the 4 plans, only the least expensive had a little success.
Support service has never been asked by users.
The program could be updated aiming to three targets: home users (no support), business users (support for a single server), and consultants (support for many servers).
The number of installed systems could be much higher, we need to showcase what NethServer could do.
@Ctek, what did I forget? :slight_smile:

@alefattorini, should we split this topic to discuss only about subscriptions?


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Hello mates

I shared my experiences with the stand I animated in the capitole du libre at toulouse, I am fond to meet people and show the NethServer product…I will continue as soon as possible


I think that you touched a lot of the points discussed.

Another suggestion is to have a “Know your partner / customer / user” programme.
Based on volunteer signup. I think this will clear up the numbers and also to see how many users are integrators and how many are private or business.

Ajusting the subscription based on case can be more beneficial. (home user, business user etc)
And a better exposure / presentation of the support options will be better for all.

Maybe it will be good to have a pool and see how and what users understanding is about the subscription program

So to summarize:

  • a pool to see what people think the support is
  • know your user/partner program (it can influence the support options)
  • better exposure and description of the support
  • post install option to choose a support variant or free variant
  • and the weekly report for the user over email activated (maybe this should also be at a post-install page?)

I hope I did not ramble too much :slight_smile: