Nethserver combined with wireless router

Hello to everyone!! so I have this problem…
I have a mini pc installed with the latest version of nethserver. Mini pc has only one lan.
I have a wirelless modem router provided from my isp .

So I’m thinking mini pc (Nethserver)to act as gateway plugged in lan port 1 of my wireless modem router.

But how to have wireless from modem router? With enabled nethserver features, without adding an Access Point?? Any ideas?

Could you configure your wireless network (SSID and Password) and transfer the DHCP/DNS functionality over to your Nethserver device and see if a wireless device is capable of pulling an IP address? I for example have NS 1 nic (not a gateway device) on my network and it provides the DNS/DHCP. My wireless devices are able to pull an IP address without issue. If you want to remove your modem out of the equation you might be able to configure it in bridged mode but with single NIC there may need some extra configuration.

Thank you for you reply!! This is very good idea to make DNS/DHCP to nethserver!!
I don’t want to remove the modem out of the equation yet.

Thank you again. I 'll get back with the results