Nethserver Cheating

Sometimes the little things make life easier. Often they are for one self-evident and banal, for another they create the known good to know effect.

Therefore, I think it would be good to collect the little life helpers here.

I’ll make a start:
I bought a nTopNG-Prof-License and I am annoyed every time about their move / restore restriction, when I set up a new server, what the virtualization hosts like Proxmox tempt me to do. This had led to the fact that I was trapped in the community version despite the license.
Now I helped myself as follows:

  1. Install Crontab-Manager
  2. Set a cron job every 9 Minutes with systemctl restart ntopng

If you need a simple a-life-monitoring without external service like - all what you need is Nethserver.


  1. Nethsever with bandwidth monitor app (nTopNG)
  2. Inside of nTopNG select a host (internal or remote)
  3. Host accepting ICMP packets
  4. add ICMP-Monitor

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