Nethserver Blocks Pages with embedded content

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: Web Filter


I am having an issue with NethServer only partially allowing pages with embedded content to load. A very good example is The side bar loads but the map content gives an unable to connect error. (See image).

Can someone give me some guidance as where in the logs I can check for this error?

I have disabled the blacklists, switched off match expressions in URL and switch off disallowing IP address.

Thanks in advance.

If you disable proxy it works?

Hi Federico,

I am not sure. Will this not stop internet access to all users? This is running at a live site and I am working remotely.

I am willing to give it a try. Do I just untick “Enable Proxy”?

Let me know

Most won’t notice, or will do a browser refresh, which will fix it.
Unless you have manually put in the proxy into the clients…

My 2 cents

Thanks Andy,

I am going to try tonight and see if it works. Will report back as soon as I have tested.

Ok so the testing is done. And it is weird. I unticked the proxy and applied and I could access the sites perfectly.

But then I switched it back on and the sites now load perfectly. I am going to get the users to test and will come back to you. Maybe the on/off fixed the issue?

Thanks for all the feedback so far.

So when I untick the Proxy and access the pages, the sites are accessible. When I switch the proxy on again, the sites are accessible for a short time and then stop working. I have logged in again this morning and I can confirm, with the proxy on I cannot get the site to load properly.

Thanks for the feedback so far. Anybody got any ideas?

Here is another example of a site:

It seems that the redirect is part of the issue.



Is your Proxy using Disk-Cache (or only Memory?).
How is it set up? (Transparent, Manuel, etc)

I think the issue is with certain timeouts, refresh times, etc.
Maybe that’s why after restarting the proxy it’ll work for a while (like 1 hour?).

Certain sites NEED special “handling” when using a proxy like Squid (Which is actually quite powerful when setup correctly). Among the well known ones:

App Stores from Apple and google Play for iOS and Android.
MS-Updates also need special treatment.

For the Appstores it’s usually sufficient when setting the following in the whitelist:

As to Microsoft and other updates:
I followed these instructions from SME-Server, the predecessor of Nethserver, which work well:

See the section on Windows Updates.

As contract work, I have set up Squid for companies (24h operations) with very special rules:

  • Social-Media only during lunch and night shifts
  • Certain Users (eg Marketing and Management) with unlimited access
  • Time based rules for news sites and social media
    and so on…

My 2 cents

Thanks for all the feedback… I guess the big question is anybody else having issues with these sites when they use the proxy component?

It is set as Transparent and I am using Disk-Cache.

I have tested this on other sites and is seems it is the newer versions of NethServer giving me the issue.

Thanks for the offer Andy…I would be keen to try and understand how this is happening.

Thanks again for the feedback.