NethServer behaviour inside Docker

NethServer Version: v7.8

I am considering the posibility of running NethServer inside Docker and exposing the relevant ports to the host in order to access the various NethServer services.

I am considering how the NethServer would respond to the following scenarios:

  1. a graceful shutdown or restart of the host
  2. a Docker service restart command or restarting the Docker container

From the little bit of reading I have done, I suspect that the first scenario may be okay if I set the shutdown timeout for Docker to something like 2 or 3 minutes instead of relying on the default of 10 seconds so it doesn’t issue the kill command on the container prematurely, however I am uncertain of this.

For the second scenario, I am don’t know what the behaviour is and if the same shutdown principles apply as I just described for the first scenario.

I am also wondering if something else like qemu might be more appropriate for this task?

And just to preempt the obvious question or suggestion, unfortunately Proxmox is not an option due to system resources. If I had enough system resources on the host, I would use Proxmox without a doubt.



QEMU will work, may need a bit of tweaking in the settings…

PS: I do have Proxmox servers with a total of only 8GB RAM…
This can and does run a NethServer… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Thanks for the quick feedback regarding the qemu option @Andy_Wismer