Nethserver - avaya - vpn

How to configure netserver correctly, so that traffic between avaya has the highest priority?

I guess you should create a seperate VLAN for the Avaya phones so that you can tag, provision and prioritize through that VLAN.

But you need to controle the complete route, so phone, Nethserver, router, VPN and so forth.

It’s not phones, it’s 2 Avaya IP Office in different offices. I think maybe there are settings in the Nethserver that would make the priority of certain traffic via the VPN specifically for certain purposes.
Phones are in separate VLANs and work normally.

Do You Know which protocols and ports are used between two Avaya installations?

Is Avaya still being used and is still operational as a company outside of the UK?

I know Avaya in the UK no longer exists as they went bankrupt.

Traffic shaping is done in firewall rules:


First you have to create a fw-object (if not already exists) and than create a rule.

More info here:


I did that a long time ago.

Bought in Russia, one more than 10 years, the second in 2012.