NethServer at Flisol 2017 - Venezuela

OH! Yes my bro, we talked :thumbsup:

At the initiative of my Venezuelan brothers @jgjimenezs and @josenayala77 we have decided to present Nethserver in 5 states of Venezuela between the 20th and 22nd of this month, within the framework of the Latin American Fair of Free Software Installation (FLISOL for its acronym in Spanish) that is carried out throughout the Latin American continent

To streamline that we have taken your most recent presentation and have been translating it. It is very didactic, attractive and fun. So we have also gone through the script and abstract to include our needs and talk about Nethserver with the same regional speech.

The image is just a test, we have the 46 SVG files and we are editing their texts in our language. Then we incorporate our details or we can change images to be convenient, but its graphic design and its current context does not have loss

Introducing Nethserver in our regions means short-term business opportunities. Likewise the software will become more interesting and novel thanks to the contributions of its users.

Well brothers, we have a good source of translatable content and almost ready to present.

:joy::joy::joy: Encourage and then agree on where to share resources

¡Vamos Latinoamérica!.

Together with Nethserver at FLISOL 2017!


Look Nethserver with @josenayala77 in Flisol Maturín!

@yondergb Can you participate for Miranda State? :sunglasses:


Sounds amazing man! Can you add more details? How can we support you?
Pictures from the event are mandatory :sunglasses:


Tomorrow, saturday Apr 22 …

… in Paraparal town

#… in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

To be continued!


Happy sunday tribe.

Yesterday from the University Village of Paraparal in an event dedicated to Canaima GNU/Linux Nethserver had its space as an ideal alternative for non-expert users and also for professionals.

The area in which we drew attention was that the great obstacles of knowledge can easily be overcome thanks to our tribe, supporting the initiative of the chat rooms in our native languages.

Next week Flisol is celebrated in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, and in the city of Maturin capital of Monagas state, with the participation of our brother @josenayala in the east of our country. Both events were postponed.

We hope, in the coming weeks, to welcome sisters and brothers who from Venezuela have seen in our Nethserver an excellent choice to meet and have fun in the world of GNU / Linux Server Administration

In these opportunities I always appreciate the learning I have of that Hacker of the “Patria Grande” that my son had the happiness to know in the XXI century. Also to our brother @alefattorini for the excellent orientation of the community and for allowing us the derivation of his presentation. Also to my compatriot @jgjimenezs for the initiative of bringing Nethserver to FlisolVE,

Finally I am pleased to have the support of my son who always says to me:

####I love when you are happy, especially when the reason for that is something you do not know 100%

This story will continue next week!


Really really excellent work, I’m amazed! :clap: :clap:


Man you are a REAL evangelist :thumbsup: How many attendees? Any recording?

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Hi Allesio.

Between 20 and 30 people.

However we there several professors from the University villages, activists accessibility and other security professionals by Suscerte and VenCERT

Next Flisol in the city of Caracas will be on May 20, where we have a demonstrative space. It is possible that we may present Nethserver 7 running from a server that I set these days. Also we would present a simple diagram of the installation for this time are short presentations (15-20 minutes)

People do really liked the presentation, despite using a Hollywood as a graphic resource. I also ask the quorum not make dogmatic judgments images used.

It is a pleasant and interesting work with @josenayala, @jgjimenezs and spanish speakers who follow Nethserver. Together we are making it possible.

Oh! nop. :fearful: Any record! … will not happen again number one!

This is the poster of the event suspended. In a few hours we will meet to plan the event on 20 May. I will ask the leader of the event include the logo of our powerful toy in poster art.

Hasta la vista baby! :sunglasses:


I love that! Any update on that initiative?

Greetings Alessio

This morning I have been notified that none of the possible venues was confirmed to date so the event is suspended. :disappointed_relieved:

We are also keen to introduce Nethserver at other events this year.

I regret the delay in confirming this notification.