NethServer at FISL 16 in Brazil?

Uh, you (or other Brazilian guys) can attend it as NethServer evangelist :slight_smile: Let me know.

My knowledge about NethServer is not so big and this is a most important events about free software on south america.

Probably there will be a uylug (Uruguay Linux Users Groups) there.

I live in Porto Alegre…if someone of the otther state or country will visit the FISL 17 and need help, can contact me.

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OK, is this going to happen or is this a invitation?
I’m a old SME user (from since Mitel’s initial project).

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In case someone is going to attend or spread the NethServer word over there, I’ll be happy to help

Have you switched some SME server?
I’m very curious, look also at
How many of you have switched/migrated from SME Server?