Nethserver as VM (Xenserver or XCP-NG)


did anybody needs a HowTo for installing Nethserver 7.6 in a VM ?
I can wirte some for XenServer / XCP-NG.
If you like 2 have a basic installation as a VM i save them.

thx Axel

Howto’s are always welcome! So please do note down your steps.
For such an installation howto it would be best to directly write the howto in our wiki Howto section

Some hints how to create a howto in our wiki:

Hello Robb

in my other live i am a sience write in IT :wink:
but i dont like to work when nobody in interessted :wink:
and i can spend a VM file 4 Basic Neth ist ready and800M as a zip file

thx axel

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We appreciate that !!! - How long have you been working with XenServer / XCP-NG?

since Xenserver 6.0 it is nice for small VM serversinstallations
for big one there are som problems with 10G Networks it is running but network is lill bit slow. Citrix knws that but didnt fix it.

A lot of free pepole move over to XCP-NG thy build the server with the open sources from citrix. And the comunity is very helpfull :slight_smile: thats near to the Neth-comunity.

most of the Nethserver running now with XCP-NG With biger instalation you handel the local Cluster win xen orchstra. I like that tool.

With that you free from all the HW problems in Neth an Neth can move easy form one to the next server.

only my small Neth are running directly on PIs

thx axel

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Great to see another opensource hypervisor platform embraced (after ProxMox). I am curious to see your howto!

now i get 10 servers with xcp-ng 7.6 (based on centOS 7.6 and xenserver 7.6). Its very smal in need less than 64Gyte HDD space all othe is 4 VM. XCP-NG can store VM local in LVM (like Xensever thick prov… ) or with ZFS or ext4 (small povisioning) . But you can store VM via Network iSCSI ot NFS.

xen orchestra is free too when you compile it by yourself

some of my installations are threetimes XCP-NG. Two idetical sever running as a cluster (with xeon L3426, 16G Ram, 6 Nics 41G 210G). Ther are running all importend things. DNS/DHCP, AD, fileserver (Samba and NFS), FreePBX, mail, SOGo. The third one is a lill bit bigger 2L5630, 32GRam, 61G nics. This maschine is for Nextcloud with Onlyoffice and some more (thinclients), copys ot the “small” VM and some testing things.
The Head is a smal dulacore Thinclient with 16G internal SSD and 8 GRAM for orchstra.

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