NethServer as Streaming Server

Hi guys,

I need your help to find and implement a solution for the following situation:
I have an IP camera and I need to provide live video on a web page through an WordPress site.
Of course, I want to use NethServer for this.
I think I need a streaming server (NS1) to catch images from the IP Camera and send them to the WordPress Web Server (NS2).
The IP Camera is placed far away from my office where is the Data Center (NS1 and NS2).
The signal from the IP Camera will be sent over Internet, if possible through a VPN connection with NS1.

Does anyone know how to do that?
Maybe will be a new add-on for NS (streaming feature).


I’m not a web dev, but why have NS do the streaming when you can have NS host a page that uses something like an iframe to display the stream straight from the camera?

Hi @fasttech ,

Thank you for your interest!
I don’t know. :confused:
First, I thought to use the streaming facilities of the IP Camera and send the images to the web site.
Then I thought that we expect to be over 100 simultaneous accessing of the website. Of course they will access the website, not the IP Camera itself.
Also, we expect to increase the number of IP cameras, for different zones.
I thought a streaming server will be better.
Anyway, I really don’t know how to do this better and because of that I asked your help.
I read a lot of articles and now I am confused! :confused:

Ouch… that’s what I use UniFi for.
There is a an open source linux based pkg for streaming… can’t remember the name… I’ll have to mull on it.


Hi @fasttech ,

Thank you for your answer!

I have installed ZoneMinder on NS 7.3 following and adapting some topics from this Forum. I still have a blue screen with clock but I think is because of my IP Camera.

I will read again the documentation of ZoneMinder to see how to make streaming. I don’t remember if is possible.


@nethcman did some work here but it’s pretty old

Could you please add some updated notes? I’d like to see zoneminder on NethServer again

@GG_jr, please add or correct anything missing/wrong in its wiki page.

There have been so many attempts until I managed, that I lost the count!
Now I can see the images from the IP camera.
I have tried to install Red5 but I’m stuck at the final step of the installation. I understand that is better for media streaming.
I will reinstall NS and I will try again with both apps, this time with notes, but at the end of the week (I hope).
I’m very busy and in the meantime the flu hit me! The yield is lower in all that which I do! :rage:

I will do my best!

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Good… I put the mask :mask:


My antivirus was not updated!

I still have some errors in logs and the image is not so good but I will see after a fresh installation.

I think that together we will succeed.

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In my opinion, Nethserver lack such features to be more adopted.
When you look at NAS solution that can have:

  • Media Player
  • Media streaming in general
  • until a Digital Video Recorder…

I’m pretty sure that with such fonctions, NS could be adopted in home environment, but in Sogo environment and or remote worker…

Sure, we have discussed it many times and I agree with you that we have a strong userbase based on home users.

Today I had some time to install from the beginning ZoneMinder on NS 7.3, the final version.
This time, I followed this user guide (how could I miss this user guide the first time? :disappointed:), for NS 7:

The only thing that I have changed was the ZM version (7-9 is the last):

zmrepo-7-9.el7.centos.noarch.rpm instead of zmrepo-7-7.el7.centos.noarch.rpm

I started from 2) Install ZoneMinder Repository, because the NS was configured as PDC-AD, with these packages already installed (everything from scratch):

  • Account provider: Samba Active Directory
  • File server
  • MariaDB (MySQL) server
  • Print server
  • Statistics

The ZM installation took from 5 to 10 minutes.

Thank you @dnutan! As always, a very good guide!

Kind regards,

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Thanks, the guide has been updated with your changes. :slight_smile: