NethServer as stand alone server

How is this accomplished? The server instals default with DNS, DHCP, and firewall , but no way to turn them off.I already have other DNS, and DHCP servers in my network and I have a dedicated firewall. Have these servers on the NS box causes problems in the network. Why is there no configuration choice for stand alone during initial configuration? I understand if NS is not good as a stand alone, but I did not see this stated in the Doc or on the site.



Hi @buzzra ,

If you did not configure something in DNS, DHCP, Firewall sections, nothing will happen.
If you let the configurations “as is”, the NS Server will not interfere with the other servers that you have in your network.
Anyway, there are some common things for any app, OS, hardware/software router/firewall/UTM, … Even there are modules and/or services installed and if all or some of them are enabled, if you don set rules, nothing’s happen.

How do you intend to use NS in your network? For which functions/services?
Maybe we can help you better if you will give us more details.

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I haven’t configured anything for DNS or DHCP, but I do not want the servers even running. Why should they be running if they are not used? Is there no way to disable these servers? That’s kinda weird, if true.

I was planning to use the server for email, web server, and file sharing, none of which REQUIRE it to be a gateway/firewall server. Is this not a valid use case for NS? Should I be looking at another distro? I chose NS because of its simple easy to use interface and, I thought, great modularity. The interface IS great, but I am finding it not as modular as stated.

Thanks for all the help!

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If really want to disable a service, you can read “how to”, here:

Again, you don’t need to do that. Maybe you will need the DNS service. Please read more about DNS here:

You can use the NS as server for email, web server, and file sharing with no problem.