Nethserver as server platform for simulation and robotics

Greetings brothers.

This is the new toy that Caciquitxs tribe wants to give the community.

A platform for process simulation of any type and development of robotic systems.

We listed ROS and Gazebo as essential platforms, so far only known facilities in Debian, Ubuntu and Arch

ROS ROS Installation Made Easy - nootrix
Gazebo Gazebo : Tutorials

Any idea for this goal in robotics is welcome. It is an initiative of my brother @robotsubmarino from Venezuela who teaches robotics to children and youth.

He trusts this tribe and our software


This is probably a niche, but also mighty interesting.
I was looking for some more info on robotics and simulation and found this:
Hope it is useful.


Excellent. Information received. Another suggestion is:

Hi @Josbaney

is a conditional dual license? or something. Not seem free.

Alike is good to assess :thumbsup:

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Right. In any case mentioned GPL.

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Sorry. It was not my intention.

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