Nethserver as secondary zone

NethServer Version: 7.8.2009
Module: nethserver_dns

Question about DNS configuration. In my (home) environment, I have primary/secondary DNS for my local TLD ( These are setup with 2 zones, one being that points to my primary/secondary and one that is with my nethserver as the master. The IP for my nethserver is and the IP for the AD on nethserver is

I am switching from Univention to Nethserver and this configuration worked in that setup. UCS configured and maintained its own DNS for the and was authoritative for this subdomain.

This same configuration does not seem to be working correctly under nethserver.

My primary/secondary are running BIND for local DNS. DHCP is also running on the same primary/secondary using isc-server. In this circumstance, nethserver is ONLY providing DNS for the subdomain (no name resolution for the TLD and is not serving DHCP).

The problem: “” is NOT resolving properly, so I am not able to join anything to the domain.

Pertinent excerpt from my BIND configuration on the master:

zone “” {
type master;
file “/var/lib/bind/”;
allow-update { key rndc-key; };
allow-transfer {;
notify yes;

zone “” {
type stub;
masters {;
forwarders {};
file “/var/lib/bind/”;

Hi James,

welcome to NethServer Community.

Did you try using a forward zone with forwarders {; }; instead of a stub zone with masters?

In the stub zone no forwarders {}; is needed, maybe it makes problems?