NethServer as an alternative to

I’ve created this
Do you like it? Fell free to improve!


Sounds really good! Thanks mate!
People, click on heart for NethServer! :heartpulse:

Just had a look, good idea.

Only thing is, the list of alternative software is a bit limited, I would expect to see a list of main stream server style distributions (Cent OS, Ubuntu Server, Debian, Suse etc.) and a list of specialised firewall / network distos (Smoothwall, M0n0wall, IPCop etc.) to be included as alternatives.

I realise that it is possible to add a long list of server / Firewall / NAS based software / OS to this list (I have just checked and found over 80 seperate distros that could be included within these categories - and that is only open source based operating systems!).

Anyway, good job @Stll0.

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