Nethserver as Active Directory Member

Hey, I 'am trying to configure two server, Zentyal as my primary domain controller and Nethserver as a active directory member of the first one.

No matter which configuration I keep, I 'am getting:

Task completed with errors # (exit status)
Failed to join Active DirectoryServer role in Windows network

Help would be greatly appreciated? Or at least point me to any documentation beside the Nethserver configuration that doesn’t help too much :smile:

is Zentyal a DC in AD or NT style?

Zentyal is a DC in AD.

is there any interesting in the logs on both NS and Zentyal?

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Phew after a restart and changes in DHCP & DNS (Pointing to the Zentyal IP) it worked absolutely fine :smile:

Guess both of us wanted some slack time of our own!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, thank you!!

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