NethServer as a Primary mail Server

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Can I use Nethserver as a Primary mail server, if it’s possible then from where I can start??

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I’m not sure what you mean by “primary mail server” as opposed to any other kind of mail server, but yes, Neth works just fine as a mail server. There are some good setup tips here:


Primary mail server means that I can set up a second domain (other than local domain which is our domain controller i.e domain.local).
Then I can create email address such as and use outlook or any other IMAP email client to send and receive emails.

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Yes, of course you can do that. See the wiki above, as well as the manual:

Edit: though I think you’ll find that it works best when the server’s primary domain is the domain you want to use for email.

both domains, email and my primary domain are the same, but first I need to test

Would it be possible that I can use second domain as my primary email domain,?

I can only create an alias of an email account but where I can create an email address and password of the second domain.

This is why it’s best if the primary system domain is the same as the primary domain. Otherwise you’ll need to create an alias for each user of -> user@mydomain.local.

can we able to access without using user@mydomain.locl using outlook or any other IMAP client application.

This may depend on the accounts provider you use–with Local LDAP, which I use, you’d just log in with the username, not the full email address. But since it’s an alias, it’s a single mailbox.

Can I able to send emails using a second email domain that I created using an alias.?

Yes, by default there’s no validation of the outgoing email address.

How I can send email using alias account ? I can’t be able to switch to alias account using SOGo.

Can’t help you with SOGo. With a real mail client, you’d just set the desired “From” address in the account settings.

In the mail settings you can define with which account you want to send the mail, see also my picture. is an alias for

This could also help…

can I use IMAP client for the email account? if yes then how is it possible?? as I am getting these errors while connecting third-party IMAP email client.

Can I use SSl or TLS secured connection instead if none for the second domain email address??

Certainly you can. But if you’re trying to connect to that domain name, it will need to be added to your server certificate.

How I can add this domain to my existing server certificate?

The easiest way is using Lets Encrypt certificates. By adding the subdomains that are running on your server, you will get a certificate valid for all those subdomains.
You can find the certificate in servermanager under Configuration / Server certificate (old servermanager)
or under System / certificates (new servermanager)