NethServer and Reports

Hi everyone
I have been using NS for almost a year now. I know most of that time my main topic and concern has been the output of reports that NS does not seem to have, not sure if anyone is working on it.
I have a real strick boss that loves reports, I have installed anything and everything I find on NS that says reports Lightsquid, NTOP, Collect Web, Collectd Graph Panel, OCS Inventory and Adagios which I really dont know what those 2 do.
LightSquid only give me http and https which I miss out on what that pc did the rest of the day, NTOP great but can be hell to try calculate what it did from one day to another especially if the workstation was left on during the weekend or at night.
Does anyone have any idea what would be a way round this, I need a plugin or addon to NS that would do it all, give me a report per IP (like Lightsquid), calulating usage of the IP (all protocols), clicking on that IP giving me a breaking of protocols used.
I love NS but the report part is very poor for someone who is not high tech.

If LightSquid could report on all protocols it would of been the perfect report addon…

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Please forgive me, but I think that reports are a feature especially needed by commercial ventures.
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NethServer professional has extensive reports about many system functions, with graphs and charts.
Every week (on Sunday) a new report is created and emailed to the administrator. An archive of all reports is kept on the system.
NethServer Professional has a monitoring daemon, running all time, that sends alerts to the administrator when a service stops unexpectedly or a value goes above/below a threshold (settings are pre-configured).
The administrator has access to a dashboard to view the status of all installed NethServer systems.

How does domeone upgrade to NS Professional fro the Commercial one? Without affecting what is running now and what are the costs of NS Professional?

You can smoothly upgrade to professional , more info here