Nethserver and mikrotik router

Hello, has anyone had any luck setting up a vpn from nethserver to a mikrotik router?

Hi Kris,
Did you try the mikrotik wiki? There is a very extensive documentation about openvpn there.

@robb Yes, i use mikrotik routers everyday in your wisp. the step by step is how to use a mikrotik router as a openVPN server. I think something as easy as a vpn #1 on the list. Openvpn is great when you can get it to work, but it is not something that you use when u are doing router to router (i never have) more from server to end user.

  1. openvpn only dose the openvpn in nethserver right? it has nothing to do with ipsec right? I hate to install a vpn server on top of this just to vpn.

@chcllc have you sorted out? Do you need more help?