NethServer and French documentation

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In January 2018, according to Stephdl on around 48m40: “Not too many users in France because not enough translation at the level of packages…”

So I wrote a few documents on NethServer in French which include quite a lot of translations from the English Documentation. The purpose was to to create a fully functionning eCommerce using NethServer.

■ Cahier-01: Les bases de Linux.

■ Cahier-02: Installation et configuration des logiciels prérequis sur le poste de travail.

■ Cahier-03: Création d’un Serveur NethServer virtuel.

■ Cahier-04: Serveur NethServer LOCAL & Let’s Encrypt

■ Cahier-05: Abonnement à un FAI, installation d’un modem VDSL, obtention d’un domaine FQDN et installation d’un Serveur NethServer sur une quincaillerie physique.

■ Cahier-06: Installation de WordPress.

■ Cahier-07: Installation de l’extension de sécurité Wordfence.

■ Cahier-08: Installation de l’extension de vente en ligne WooCommerce et création de comptes chez Stripe et PayPal pour les paiements en ligne.

■ Cahier-09: Sauvegarde/restauration ou migration d’un site avec l’extension Duplicator.

■ Cahier-10: Serveur mandataire inversé.

■ Cahier-11: Sauvegarde/restauration avec BackupPC.

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@michelandre Thanks for your work, I think it would help a lot of french speaking people.
@alefattorini Do we have a place for these documents at the servers?
Also a question is, if it would be interesting to translate the official docs in various languages?

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I think that our is the best one.

Besides the wiki I can imagine a localised version of the official docs would be nice too.
How would adding another language get in place at github?
Would it be as simple as forking the docs from github, add a new locale directory and add translated docs in that new directory??