NethServer and Disaster recovery

Hi all,

I read:
- Restore files from other Server Backup?
- The first one says: 1) restore config then 2) restore data
- The second one doesn’t say nothing about config, just see the first URL.

I did a config then a data backup of NS server: SOURCE. I stored the config file on workstation.
Powered down SOURCE,

I installed NS on a new hardware: DESTINATION. I installed and configured Backup-data module and then I updated.
On DESTINATTION, the names of the 2 NICs are different from those of SOURCE.

Now I would like to simulate a disaster recovery on DESTINATION.

I restored the backup on DESTINATION and all went well except I lost the Internet.

My problems are the network cards.
The NIC names of DESTINATION don’t show up on Network page but the original SOURCE NIC names are there with the PPPoE.

I tried both way: config then data and data only
On both ways I have the same result with the network cards.

What is the procedures to have them configured the same way as SOURCE?
- Release role then remove PPPoE or reverse?
- Other procedures?
- Create 2 NEW LOGICAL INTERFACE then Release role / remove PPPoE or reverse: remove then release
- I did something wrong?

On SME: restore, after reboot login as admin, configure NIC and that’s it…

Any suggestion appreciated,


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Hi all,

I have to go to the page: Assign roles to network interfaces and not to the Network page.

All seems to work now.

I will update the post later,