NethServer and CentOS EOL

With the EOL of CentOS coming, how does NethServer plan to deal with this change?

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Hi @dasuberadmin and welcome to the community.
At the the time the developers work on a container solution with Fedora and Debian. For more information about the progress you should have a look at the following thread:

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Hi @m.traeumner ! Thank you for this reference, this helps to understand where neth is headed.

My $0.02 on the question " * is the all-in-one server still a valid solution? " would be “Yes” because that is why I came to Neth but that’s probably just me :slight_smile:

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And just to be clear, it’s CentOS 8 that is going EOL in a month. CentOS 7, which is what Neth uses, is good until 30 Jun 24.

Except for the firewall, the answer is yes. At least we are working to make it so :smiley: