Nethserver adds illegal "user_xattr" mount option to btrfs volumes


I’m using btrfs as the filesystem for root. When installing samba it appears nethserver modifies fstab to include user_xattr in the mount option of the root volume. However, since btrfs supports extended attributes by default this option is illegal and causes mount to fail.

This appears to be due to nethserver-samba-conf, but I’m not sure the preferred method for detecting and making this change conditional on filesystem.


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You’re right, that actions doesn’t check the current filesystem
Since now, everyone used only ext/4 or xfs (which is RHEL default), BTRFS is considered a technology preview right now.

Would you like to extend the current action and try to add a filesystem check before applying the user_xattr attribute?

If you would like to fix your installation, proceed as follow:

chmod a-x /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-samba-conf
config delprop fstab /

Please consider that in case of an update of nethserver-samba package, your modification will be lost.

Thanks for the reply. I understand btrfs is a preview (in fact it took me a day and a half of blaming filesystem corruption before I decided to look at the fstab and see the issue), but since this box is basically just a play thing for me I figured it would be fun to try (and nice to have the care-free snapshotting).

I’ve successfully recovered the install using the live recovery mode off the centos disk (manually editing the fstab and commenting out the line that adds user_xattr in nethserver-samba-conf). I’m sure if I had been a bit more patient I could have figured out how to recover the mount in the system, but my system-related Linux-fu is sub par.

I’m not familiar with the system calls/modules involved in that (admittedly simple) file so I wouldn’t know how to detect the filesystem. I appreciate the invitation to contribute but I’m a hardware coder and very quickly get out of my depth hacking at large projects with complicated modules and system calls. Researching it sounds fun, but I’m already starved for time on this little project.

Since it’s getting attention I’ll throw in a quick thank you. This is my first return to server distros since a brief dabble in UTM boxes ~10 years ago. Things have come a long way and nethserver will likely become my router once I’m done messing around (and switched back to XFS).

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I just installed a new server, also for testing purposes.
I selected btrfs as it was in the list.
Good that you mentioned this.
I will use the fix provided before installing samba and before upgrading.

So if i understand well then Btrfs isn’t really supported or shouldn’t be used ?

Most people use ext4/xfs ? What is the recommended default by the development team ?

The upstream one! :wink: