Nethserver AD NFS share permission

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804
Module: File Share


my scenario has a server (A) as AD and a server (B) joined to server A. On server B i installed nfs-server module. On server B i have created several shares with the relative permissions of users and groups. Everything works properly.
I have mounted a directory in NFS to a server B directory on a server C, i add manually to user (www-data) server C the GID as a secondary group. When the www-data writes to server B the file results on server B as user 33, owner group (GID) but with permissions 640. As a result domain users can only read.
The file that is generated should instead be read / write.
How can I solve?

thank you

Problem solved. I mounted the share not as NFS but CIFS.

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