NethServer 8: wishlist for the conference

Hello people,
I’m new to the community.
I liked the topics covered.
I read a bit about Kernel, and saw that from 3.x to 4.x kernel in CentOS 8 there are some interesting improvements about file system, which is my main use of the tool.
In addition to SAMBA integration with AD and its File Server log management.

One issue I have had a lot of trouble in is separating where the NetshServer cmdata installation is, and adding a new volume via the GUI. I believe this can improve.

Very good idea of ​​elastic sarch and Docker with Kubernets.

I want an IPv6 integration. :star_struck: Here in Germany more and more connections are switched to IPv6 and therefore IPv6 is becoming more and more important for internal networks. I already run a NethServer installation with IPv6 (Dual Stack), so as far as possible. I have the possibilities and would also be willing to participate in the testing. :muscle:


That’s the fourth year that IPv6 were answered “no thanks” by the project…


Perhaps no one dares to do so because the corresponding know-how is missing. Maybe you need an incentive or just a few people to help you reach this goal.

We could start by enumerating the things that work and then see how big the effort really is.

For NethServer 8, a complete DNS server implementation would be great.
Also change the method of implementing Samba. Not use a container, so same IP and hostname (and DNS) is used throughout NS experience?

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@NLS I agree Samba4 AD provider installed directly in NS is preferable. Unfortunately CentOS 7 does not provide Samba4 packages and that is the reason why we need another solution.
This has been discussed extensively:

And recently it became clear CentOS 8 will not ship Samba4 packages either


Still the case with CentOS 8?

From the topic on redhat website: (only visible when logged in)

Is Samba 4 AD DC supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Solution Verified - Updated November 29 2018 at 10:14 AM -
.## Environment
.* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta
.## Issue
.* Is Samba 4 AD DC supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8?
.## Resolution
Samba 4 AD DC is not supported in any release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Red Hat has evaluated the RFE and came to conclusion that including Samba AD DC into Red Hat Enterprise Linux would create a significant support challenge due to complexity and broad set of the use cases that are expected to be supported by the solution. To avoid undesirable customer experience, Red Hat will not include Samba AD DC into Red Hat Enterprise Linux in any foreseeable future. Based on this conclusion this RFE is now being closed.
Red Hat acknowledges the value of Samba AD DC to Red Hat customers and welcomes partners that have targeted expertise in this area to join forces to provide an integrated Identity Management solution for heterogeneous environments that would meet the variety of customer use cases. All interested parties are welcome to contact Red Hat via available communication channels.
Based on the feedback and desire of Red Hat customers to invest into development of this technology, or if market conditions or partner integration will not be sufficient to meet customer requirements, Red Hat might reconsider its position in future.

And the bugzilla tracker says: Status: CLOSED WONTFIX
Since CentOS is following RH, Samba4 AD DC will not be supported by CentOS 8 either.

Too many issues for replicate an “old” tech. They don’t want to compete against AD.

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Hello to everybody!

OK, regarding to the second question, case closed!
But to the first question, the answer is … (authoritative name server, …)?
NS is PRO enough to have this feature!

Kind regards,

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NS8 should consider implementing a central platform for defining ports, folders redirection, subdomain use, of various services.

This would ease up the work an admin has to do immensely.
It is not easy as each service implements its own way and possibly involves touching different config files - but is not impossible. When a service is added as an “application” (btw I will never get used to that name for extra services), the install procedure that also sets up the configuration interface of the application through NS GUI, can also implement this.

Example: Change webtop access from “/webtop” (SOGo is even worse as it needs the specific capitalization!), to “office./” or “:1234/”… or whatever.

Back to LDAP/AD implementation.
I wonder, even if keeping the docker system that works now (as Red Hat is not planning to allow for anything else), if the actual “main” NS can act as a proxy to all AD services.
In other words if NS can “pass-through” itself any traffic involving LDAP and forward it (transparently) to the docker container (directory queries, requests for update, DNS queries AND updates). Is that feasible in any way?

It is weird but out of our hands, SOGo is hard coded by the sogo project, you cannot change it, but you can use a virtual host, we have made redirection: - >

Hard to implement it, we could loose something really important, the modularity of this distribution. Look at the wiki you will find several modules from community developers, look at the minimal version you have installed first, nothing except ssh and apache… Following your need you will add what you missed. Therefore each service is managed by its panel, this behavior is still the same, even in cockpit

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Granted, but there really would be value in putting (at least) all the virtual host stuff together–I suggested something similar previously:


I don’t understand, is work on NS8 started, or not? And is it planned to release beta at near future?

No, we didn’t start yet!

@jookk welcome back to our community forums. I am glad you ask questions like these. It is important that we all are aware of the status of our project. I say OUR project since NethServer IS a project for the members and by the members.
Work on NS8 is not started yet, but among others, this thread is created to start talking about the direction our project is heading. Of course there are some major contributors payed by a commercial party. But be assured, Nethesis and the professional developers are as committed to make NethServer the best possible opensource solution for small and medium businesses available.
I love the community spirit and encourage everybody to participate in the discussion. So, please do jump in and come forward with your ideas, wishes and remarks. You will be heard and together we will come to a consensus for all the official supported modules.
Besides that anyone can develop a module he or she needs. There are already a LOT of community modules I am looking forward to even more great services that can be run on NethServer.


I can’t, but @smutje1179 is doing it for me. He’s developing a graphical Wireless LAN Connection module for the gui. At the moment it will be developed for the old gui, but in the future I think for cockpit too.

What I don’t want to miss at the future is a samba ad.

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