NethServer 8: wishlist for the conference

This a question for @stephdl :slight_smile: moving on neth-forge is still an available option.

How difficult would it be to include a feature like accessing or mounting a volume from a fiber or ethernet based SAN (Storage Area Network)?

If I am not mistaken, there is a feature to access SANs using iSCSI targets and initiators, so the real question is - how difficult would it be to develop a module for adding and managing that feature?

I realize that this would not be used by the vast majority of the community, but it would help with market penetration in certain areas where this feature would be a big plus.

With SAN (iSCSI) support you would target medium to large size companies. Although it is not the current target, it might well become a target. Don’ t forget that with larger companies, also more support might come around the corner. This can be a great plus, but also a huge risk.

But what kind of volumes can you offer with a SAN? If they are NFS shares, it would be a piece of cake to use it with NethServer. I understand that SAN is a block level device and NFS shares are File level. So in order to use a SAN as NFS share you should create an NFS volume on the SAN.
Same for iSCSI: you have to create LUN’s as targets for an iSCSI volume for a server.

It’s impossible. If a custom blacklist is created for a resource (IP address or user), then how to apply a customized white list for the same resource?
Only one mode option is possible:

    Block all, allow selected content
    Allow all, block selected content

This is so that the admins are not bored! :slight_smile:

How to give access to one site if the site is in the blocked group “Automobile” and at the same time a customized blacklist is already included, and simultaneously both the black and white list do not work? Sadness :slight_smile:

The interface of the content-filter needs to be properly modified! And it seems to me that you should not be embarrassed to take good ideas from other products.

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Hello brothers, We are convinced of achieving better accessibility for Nethserver

The living experience of our brother Aaron has turned this desire into an entire master class.

Together we can achieve this and beyond. :relaxed::sunglasses:


A couple of suggestions for…


  1. postgres deployer
  2. docker manager or, better, a kubernetes installer with backup service


already exists, install nethserver-phppgadmin

thinking of it…I took a look to kubernetes, but I believe/wonder if it is not outside the scope of nethserver. Actually I’m rather playing with portainer

Or cockpit as way to manage docker containers.

Also portainer is a nice choice. Although redhat is actively maintaining and contributing to kubernetes in order for it to be the base of its proprietary container infrastructure. What they still lack is a well defined backup infrastructure.

About postgres and all the rest, yes, in community packages… what I wondered is: there are lotsa interesting packages (like backuppc, ocsinventory, etc.), is there some timeline to make these enter officially supported modules available from software center?

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For now, they will remain into the @stephdl’s repository.[ Who needs your love]
(Stephdl needs our love ❤) :heart:


What do you think about integrating Horde groupware to Nethserver 8?


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More functionality on Web Manager for Samba DC, there should be a way to join an existing domain as additional domain controller from Web Manager

High Availability for services (maybe by using vrrp with floating ip and synchronized configuration)


This is already available in the Enterprise version.
I don’t know of any plan to open source it.


How about a checkbox to hide additional languages in software center. I don’t need to know there is a module for ancient sandscript every time I click on software center.

Or a tab called “Language Packs”. Packages should be excluded by the tab “All software”


Multi tenant email is a must for any modern Web Panel.

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  1. Cockpit finished, absolutely love the design.
  2. Better IPS/IDS, evebox is a start, but a full elk stack would be a must have built in, more information from suricata/snort and a way to manage logs. Like the pfsense implementation of the suricata package. Basically, custom rules, white/black lists, etc. I do this now manually but pfsense has a solid implementation imo.
  3. Better ways to manage a raid array.
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Yeah, this really is pretty important, and it’s the case for many prepackaged distros. They give you a nice GUI way to set up the initial RAID, but from then, you’re on your own with the CLI. Maybe I’m just spoiled by my NAS, but if this is a GUI-managed distro, then at least basic RAID management should be part of the GUI.