Nethserver 8 nethsecurity configure error

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: Nethsecurity Firewall
I really hate to open yet another post regarding NS8 app error. This time it is the nethsecurity firewall app.
The install went fine. But configuration page did not work. The page loaded with network time out error.
Here is the privatebin link with the log:
Nethsecurity configuration error log

The nextcloud app got configuration error as well. I am wandering if all the configuration related errors are connected.

Apart from these (which worked/recovered after retry) nothing stands out from the log:

2024-04-27T18:46:18-06:00 [1:nethsecurity-controller1:agent@nethsecurity-controller1] task/module/nethsecurity-controller1/28d13a1b-3d88-4b1a-87dd-e9ea05014100: create-module/20initialize is starting
2024-04-27T18:46:18-06:00 [1:nethsecurity-controller1:agent@nethsecurity-controller1] task/module/nethsecurity-controller1/28d13a1b-3d88-4b1a-87dd-e9ea05014100: create-module/40firewall is starting
2024-04-27T18:46:22-06:00 [1:nethsecurity-controller1:agent@nethsecurity-controller1] _acontrol_task request attempt failed (WS reached EOF while waiting for node/1/task/4b60a956-7eee-45c3-a11a-ee3d03175086). Retrying...
2024-04-27T18:46:23-06:00 [1:nethsecurity-controller1:agent@nethsecurity-controller1] _acontrol_task request recovered successfully at attempt 2
2024-04-27T18:46:23-06:00 [1:nethsecurity-controller1:agent@nethsecurity-controller1] task/module/nethsecurity-controller1/28d13a1b-3d88-4b1a-87dd-e9ea05014100: action "create-module" status is "completed" (0) at step 40firewall

Just accessing the configuration page for the first time or after saving changes?
NethSecurity controller requires NethSecurity installed on another device (or as a VM). The firewall is not integrated like in NethServer7.


Accessing the configuration page after saving changes which also ended in error. The settings page looks as following. All the boxes are greyed out. It stays that way for a while, then it shows time out error at the top of the page.

I did not know that. I have not used Nethsecurity yet. Is the time out happening due to non existent netsecurity instance? I should still be able to enter the configuration, correct?

Just so I am understanding correctly, the app on ns8 is to control the actual neth firewall without actually logging into separately? I can see how this is a great feature to handle everything from one dashbaord if that is the case.

That some settings are grayed out after first config is normal (it is for setting the VPN tunnel between the controller and the firewall units. Without subscription you can manage up to 3 units form the controller). The info message box warns about it:


That is correct. The firewall is independent from from NS8. The controller allows to manage it from the cluster admin interface (well, not exactly, as you have to open the nethsecurity controller page and login with the credentials set):

Yes. You still can enter the settings page but some fields are only set once.
I think the timeout is not normal, at least on my test it didn’t show up, even without a nethsecurity unit.

The timeout could be related to:


A log excerpt from the time range the error happened could give some clue about its origin. On certain cases web browser console errors sometimes help.

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