Nethserver 8: load balancer and failover


I’ll be a new user, probably …

I read on NS8 faq:

No, NethServer 8 has no firewall functionality.

but nethserver 7 has a load balancer and failover function on the firewall … NS8 no?

I search a valid alternative to old Zeroshell, but I see the NS7 version is stopped on 2020…

at the same time I am attracted from the NS mail server and the NS chat (at this time I use Hmailserver and Beebeep from more years)

End of Life of NS7?


wrong, it is 30 june 2024

sorry for not good english… I see this info on download page and github site:

NethServer 7: Stable, last update on 2020-11-26

for NS8 fail-over and load-balancer?

@stephdl , thanks

luca, NS8 will implement multi Node instance, with potential for failover, between supported applications for the use case. a master(main) node is defined, and others join. then when installing an app, you chose where the app is installed. so NS8 will support some failover, its the app which will chose to implement this.

If you are relating to the firewall internet link load balancing, then you are right ns8 won’t be in charge of this feature. Another product will be developed to be used as a firewall. Nethesis has sold firewall and asterisk server since one or two decades I think, something new will come.

Smells like next firewall module to me…


yeah, it does sound so. for the longest time possible, i actually never fancies opnwrt, though i understood it was much better tplink, and other vendor specific router oses,

Recently, i discovered it actually does have a strong firewall system within it, and it started to grow in me.

With the current release of OpnWRT, which uses NFtables, i would definitely say, it could be the next firewall module, with alot more items, and probably alot more support, and NFtables, seems to be the future, from iptables and shorewall

Stateless and stateful HA clusters,
and cool, ipv6, finally

ref: Shorewall – The End of the Road | Hacker News (

ref2: [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc1 - First Release Candidate - 24 April 2021


I will opt for opnsense, i need a firewall with load balancing and failover for two or 5 connection


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