NEthserver 8 Dev 5 release Updates causes cluster admin to break

Release 2.4.0-dev.5 · NethServer/ns8-core (

the Dev 5 release of NS8 causes the clustr admin interface to crash with error

    "code": 404,
    "data": null,
    "message": "API not found"


404 in http means “not found”…
unfortunately without log entries is harder to understand what it’s not found.

This update dev-5 comes form the testing repository, in my humble opinion a bit to early to call something from this testing branch a “bug” .

However can not reproduce this;
update went well here, installed (modules) on this setup:

  • Samba-DC and -FileServer
  • Web Server
  • Crowdsec
  • Mail
  • Sogo

hello mark, i apologies for calling this early. the most thing i understand is that, i sa updates, i was running dev3.
I chose to do updates, and after doing that, i can no longer access the cluster admin interface.

All other installed modules are accessible.

Modules installed,

samba ad
nethvoice proxy

just before the update, i had performed an uninstall on pgsql, and all went well.

is there any way to bring up cluster admin, and i do not know why it failed.

In my defence, i am just running things, and if it can break for me for whatever reason, it can break for someone else.

the aim of reporting is to identify teh challenge and see if there could be resolution, otherwise, since its a testing server, i could stil easily restore a snapshot, and continue with whatever scenraios i was doing, only my snapshot only covers initial install and credentilas

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