NethServer 8 Active Directory DNS

NethServer Version: 8
Module: samba

I am using NethSecurity for the the primary DNS server for NethServer 8 but have a small problem. If I set the dhcp-option 6 to point to the NethServer 8 cluster for Active Directory logins , the dns does not resolve the local dns items stored in the NethSecurity. ** Where do I set the the resolv.conf options? **. I have placed settings into the main resolv.conf on the Nethserver 8 Cluster as below to point to the gateway to resolve the local dns settings but machines are unable to resolve local dns.The primary dns is set to the nethserver 8 cluster correctly.


Using dig logged in as root on the NethServer 8 cluster machine I can resolve local dns from the nethsecurity gateway so I assume that the samba ns8 has it’s only dns server settings but I can’t locate.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Matthew, when Samba is restarted the resolve.conf is parsed and nameservers are passed as --option=dns forwarder option of samba process in the DC container.

To manually restart samba-dc run for example:

runagent -m samba1 systemctl --user restart samba-dc

I’d suggest to not mix internal and external nameservers: responses can be inconsistent. See also Samba Internal DNS Back End - SambaWiki

In your case, set only the internal NethSecurity IP as nameserver.

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