Nethserver 7 + Wireguard

I’m new with Nethserver.

I tried using Nethserver 8, but I decided to stick with version 7.9…

I need to create an AD, but the connection must be made via Wireguard.
I found some topics to install with Nethserver, but I was not successful in accessing via the web, etc…

Does anyone have a step-by-step procedure that works?

Hi and welcome to NethServer Community.

NethServer 7.9 is based on CentOS 7 and it’s EOL in the end of June, see also What to know about CentOS Linux EOL

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hello @thyte. welcome to nethserver community.

I am curious, is your server hosted on premise or in the cloud?

Yes, but version 7 seemed better and had more options. Version 8 didn’t work very well for me.

Cloud, however access will be done via VPN (Wireguard)

If you can guide me on the best way to enable Wireguard, I would appreciate it.

When I start wg-manager I receive these errors.

@thyte if my memory serves right, for you to use AD in NS7, you need to have configured a dummy interface.
Wg manager is only an interface and requires wire guard already installed and configured.

Sorry, the wg-manager doesn’t work, see module:wireguard [NethServer Wiki]